Applications:Military Command Post, armament directorate
The newest technology equipped the army with the ability of getting the information far more fast, and achieving the best performance for the chief office. Stable performance. It offers accurate and safe control procedures and instruments with fast refresh rates, zero-tolerance for false touches and 100% touch accuracy despite large amount of information.


Applications:New GPS is different with previous touch
Applications: New GPS is different with previous touch application. It has higher reliability ,longer working life under poor working environment including highest temperature, lowest temperature, vibration, electromagnetic electromagnetic etc. Moreover, the safety is more important. It’s sure that can’t affect the safety of the driver.


Applications:Hospital Epidemic prevention station
Kiosk is widely used in company, hospital and many public. It offer many functions: TV, Touch, map guide, patient registering, staff check-in, staff communication waiting area, etc.

9、Tablet PC

Touch PC delivers immediate touch response as fast as up to 8ms touch response time. Command execution can be done at no delay. It generates accurate touch with +/-2mm tolerance.