The Clear Choice for Your Application with LCD and Capacitive Touch Design!


Our range of display and touch solutions, can provide to your products a superior optical performance and functionality.

The display technologies we provide are: TFT, CSTN, STN, FSTN, using various methods of driver electronics on the module, such as: COG (Chip on Glass), COB (Chip On Board), COF (Chip on Flex), TAB (Tape Automated Bonding), FPC (Flexible Print Circuit Board).

We have obtained several patents for CTP – Capacitive Touch Panels, which allow us to make touch panels, with features of multi-touch function and operating behind integrated cover lenses, made of different materials and thicknesses.

We are capable of customizing the products to your requirements, which will allow you to have a one-stop-shopping for the display and touch solution, suitable for your specific application.
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