Custom Services

Projected capacitive touch panel and cover glass surface treatment.
PCAP is constructed form two layers of ITO glass which are etched to leave a grid pattern of X and Y line elements.

1、Customize the entire touch solution with the pattern etched according to different touch IC specifications.

2、Customize the cover glass with different masking and surface coating solutions for varieties.


AG Anti-Glare Define the value of “Haze ” or “Gloss”
AR Anti-Reflection Define the value of “Reflection”
AS Anti-Smudge Define the value of “Angle of water droplets”
AF Anti-Fingerprint Define the value of “Angle of water droplets”
GS Chemical Strengtheming Increase glass strength through ion exchange 
HRM Half-Reflecting Mirror Define the value of “transmission”

3、Customize the thickness and anti-explosion cover glass such as 6mm, 8mm with specific ITO pattern design.

Customize the full lamination process. Advantage as below:Better visual effect Better product strength Keeping out dust and water Reducing noise disturbance Thinner than ever.Simplified assembly